We have been married for two months now so I thought I would finally share wedding photos and some thoughts I have about being married to Landon….

As a I look back on life it really can be such a crazy whirlwind sometimes. I feel this amazing, overwhelming sense of gratitude towards a very loving God when I look at these pictures. It amazes me that Landon is all mine. He is gracious, kind, loving, thoughtful, patient, calm, giving, and a million more good things all wrapped up in one person and I can’t believe I really am the one who got him. Of all the fish in the sea (and trust me, he dated as many women as he could in his single days haha!) we found each other.

Our wedding day turned out magical. Even though we planned it in such a quick amount of time it was more than perfect. We really wanted it to be low key, laid-back and all we really cared about was having our family and friends there. It felt like the perfect day to both of us I think. McKoy was a sweet angel the entire ceremony and reception which made it even more perfect.

I really wanted an unconventional wedding gown. When I originally went shopping I was looking for a pink gown but the instant I tried this on I fell in LOVE. It made me so happy to have on and I knew it fit the look I was going for and my personality so well. For the guys we really wanted to make a low-key statement. We felt like the cream suites and pink were perfect and it really showed our unique taste we have as a couple. It was a ton of fun picking out what to wear with Landon. He knows how much picking our clothing for special occasions means to me so he let me make most of the decision but I actually learned a lot about Landon it what he will and will not wear!



As for being married to Landon, it really is a dream. He is my rock, my soul-mate, my companion. He is the best dad to McKoy, adores him like he is his own. He treats McKoy and I like royalty all of the time. I am constantly reminded on a daily basis to love and be grateful when he is around. Landon is the only person I have ever met who never passes any judgement to others, always try to accept everyone, never says a harsh or unkind word, holds his temper even in the worst situations, and would never intentionally harm anyone or anything. I am so excited to grown old with him and create a beautiful life together.






Landon, I love you! And McKoy, you are our world baby boy!


Mckell Lloyd


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