A Tinder Love Story…

I finally found a minute to sit down and share mine and Landon’s story on here. I’ve been wanting to for awhile but life has been crazy busy to say the least. Our wedding is in two weeks and I am just now starting to feel a little bit anxious. We closed on our new house last week and have been frantically trying to get it together before the wedding. Things are coming together pretty good though. I will have to share photos of our house after I have it completely decorated. 

Landon and I have a pretty typical digital love story especially since everyone meets online these days. But it still blows me away every time I tell people “we met on tinder”. I never thought I would meet such a good, honest guy from Tinder of all places! I am so glad I listened to my friends who told me to try Tinder out or I never would have met Landon!

Being a single mom I didn’t have much time to date and I definitely had to be picky about who I went out with. Tinder requires so much filtering and sifting through that it is a lot of work. Pretty much everyone you match with will message you so it takes so much time to really decided who is worth the effort and who isn’t. Landon messaged me and he was instantly so sweet and respectful of me being a single mom and we surprisingly had an easy time talking even over Tinder messaged. It took us about a month of messaging to finally go out. I couldn’t be away from McKoy for more than a couple hours so it had to be a quick date! We didn’t even have time to go do anything so we actually just sat there and talked but it was perfect how comfortable we naturally were around each other. By the next date he was already suggesting I bring McKoy along with me so that he could see me more than two hours at a time. That was a game changer right there. Me being a single mom it was really hard for me to leave my baby at all so it meant the world to be able to have McKoy with me. 

 We have had a crazy whirlwind relationship. Meeting in September on Tinder to getting married in May. It’s all so unreal to me but it’s been perfect for Landon and I and we are so excited to see where life takes us together! 
Photography: LC Photography 

McKell Outfits: 

 Soft by Joie dress / Marc Fisher OTK boots / Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Pink Banana Republic dress / Topshop Sandals

Landon Outfits: 

Volcom Tee / AG Denim / Nike High Tops

McKoy Outfit: 

Sovereign Code Kids tee / Zara Chords / H&M sneakers 

 Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions color Honey Dipped

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